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Gas Leaks & Repair Services

Did you know that your plumber from Cody & Sons can work on your gas lines, too? If you suspect that you need help with gas leaks and repair in Dallas, TX, call us right away. Since gas leaks can cause fires, health hazards, and more, this isn’t something to take lightly. Address the problem head-on by calling us fast.

Before you call us, you may want to evacuate your home. If people have upset stomachs or are feeling dizzy, you may want to make sure they get medical care, too. These precautions can help you address the problem from every angle and make sure you don’t suffer ill consequences from your gas leak.

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Signs You Have a Gas Leak

Not sure if you need help with gas leaks and repair in Dallas, TX? We don’t blame you! Gas leaks can be sneaky and, if you don’t know how to detect them, difficult to find. Here’s what to look for. Keep your eyes open and you should spot gas leaks before they become major issues.

Call us about gas leaks and repair in Dallas, TX when:

  • You smell sulfur or rotten eggs (These smells get added to natural gas to make leak detection easier.)
  • You hear hissing or whistling coming from your gas line
  • There are bubbles in your water
  • You see a white cloud or a dust cloud near your gas line
  • You see a damaged gas pipe in or around your home
  • Houseplants near your gas lines suddenly die

If you notice any of these issues, contact us right away. We’ll come out, assess your gas line, and fix any leaks that we find fast. Before long, your home will be safe again!

Gas Leak Repair with Cody & Sons

When you call us about gas leaks and repair in Dallas, TX, we’ll get a plumber out to you fast. We know that a gas leak is an emergency, so we won’t waste any time when it comes to helping you out. Your plumber should arrive ASAP to help you solve your gas problem fast.

Once there, your plumber will listen as you describe the problem, then take a look at the gas line for himself. When he finds the leak, he’ll let you know what needs to be done to fix it. After you agree to the work, he’ll get started right away so he can get your gas line back to normal as quickly as possible.

Other Gas Line Services

In addition to dealing with gas leaks and repair in Dallas, TX, your plumber from Cody & Sons can help you install new gas lines or move your gas lines around. We’ll make sure you have safe reliable access to natural gas wherever you need it in your home.

Contact Cody & Sons today with all of your natural gas questions and problems. We’ll get to you quickly and solve them for you so you can get on with your life. Make your appointment now to fix your natural gas problems soon!

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